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Blood Donation - What You Should Expect as a First Timer?

While you are reading this, there are so many people who are in dire need of blood donors to overcome their health difficulty. For every two seconds that count, there are 4 people who are in need of blood in India. It is required for various reasons and almost all medical procedures require blood.
Everyone above 18 years old and is in good health can donate blood irrespective of gender. Donating blood is a simple and easy task and wouldn't even take 15 minutes. The assessment and screening will take about 15 minutes. So, all it takes to save up to 3 lives is 30 minutes. Yes, a single donation can save 3 lives, sometimes even more.
There are various components in the blood and after the donation, the components such as red blood cells, platelets and plasma etc., will be used for patients in need of that particular component. The human body consists of 4.75 to 5.5 liters of body and only a 400ml to 500ml blood is collected per donation. The donated blood volume will be refilled in t…
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5 Ways Gender can Impact Hypertension

High-blood pressure aka hypertension is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases. It is often left unnoticed as there are no particular symptoms that a person with hypertension may experience. Untreated and prolonged hypertension may affect the arteries and lead to impaired blood circulation to multiple organs, including to the heart and brain. 
Gender of the person, along with the age and lifestyle, influences the chances of getting hypertension. Recent medical researches have proven that women develop cardiovascular diseases more than men due to the increased blood pressure after menopause.
A study conducted by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre has revealed that women will have 30 to 40 percent higher chances to be affected by the heart and artery-related disorders, even though both genders’ elevated blood pressure readings were almost same. In addition, factors such as pregnancy, oral contraception and menopause affect the blood pressure in women. 
The research also c…

Effective Post-Delivery Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pain

Delivering a baby is a miraculous experience- one which gives a new life to not only the baby but the mother too.  All the nerves, muscles and joints in a mother's body have to work in a coordinated effort to push the baby out into the outside world. Most often, women complain of severe back pain after delivery. This back pain might persist for few months and can be cured with proper medical treatment and exercises after delivery. If left uncared for, it might lead to chronic back pain issues which might even lead to back pain surgery.
Reasons for lower back pain after pregnancy
       1. The pelvic joints and ligaments are loosened and made flexible by hormones to ease the baby out of the womb. If these joints become very loose, this might cause back pain.
        2. The abdominal muscles supporting the spine also stretch and become loose, causing back pain.
      3. The weight of the baby and expanding uterus alter the mother's posture, triggering pain in the back.
      4. After…

Down Syndrome: Ways to help your Child Communicate

Down's Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes physical and mental abnormalities in children. It is a result of irregular cell division after the fusion of the sperm and egg which results in extra genetic material being transferred from chromosome 21 to the new embryo. Also called Trisomy 21, Down's syndrome is characterized by physical and mental retardation and unusual facial variations. One in every 600 babies born worldwide is said to have Down's syndrome. 
Signs and Symptoms of Down's Syndrome 
Children with Down's syndrome have certain unusual facial characteristics like  Small undersized head Flat face Upward slanting eyes Ears positioned lower than normal Stunted neck Small mouth with protruding tongue Wide hands with short fingers Overall retarded growth Poor Mental IQ Loose muscle tone with excess flexibility 

Apart from these, children with Down's syndrome also suffer from lung, heart, intestine and hearing problems. 
Causes of Down's Syndrome:

9 Essential Foods for Zinc – And, the Role of Zinc in Treating Hair Loss and Night Blindness

The health benefits of zinc are numerous. It is essential for almost all organs and systems in our body. Zinc stimulates the learning potential of the brain and improves cognitive ability, helps the immune system by stimulating the free radicals, and reduces the stress levels which in turn keep diabetes under control. Lack of zinc in the appropriate proportions in the body leads to various health issues. Medical researches on zinc and its essentiality in the body state that a man should take about 11 mg and a woman about 8 mg per day for better health. This element will be available in natural diets and you could also take it as a supplement post consulting the physician.
Here are 9 essential 3foods that are rich in zinc and take them on a regular base as part of your balanced diet.
·Beans – This is the best food for fibre, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Making it part of your diet help you in reducing heart diseases and diabetes.
·Animal Meat – Red meat is an excellent …

How do you prepare yourself for Gamma Knife Surgery?

The Gamma Knife surgery is a non-invasive, advanced radiation therapy focused on small to medium-sized tumours located in the brain. Unlike as suggested in name the procedure does not include surgical incision but involves radiation therapy with single, many beams of high-intensity gamma radiation, targeted very precisely to destroy a tumour.
Basically, the Gamma Knife treatment includes six steps:
Preparation Applying the frame Imaging studies Treatment planning Gamma Knife treatment Recovery
Since this is a non-invasive procedure, surgical risks are eliminated and can be performed in a day or two without hampering much of the daily activity. If you have been scheduled for a gamma surgery, you may feel apprehensive. You need not feel anxious as the preparation is quite simple and involve only a few steps.  

Preparation prior to the day of the therapy
The preparation starts, a day prior the scheduled gamma knife surgery. Depending on your medical findings, doctors may recommend certain medicati…

Miracles which Only Sesame Oil Can Give You

Sesame oil, also called gingely oil is a generally known as a cooking oil in our Indian culinary. It is considered as one of the healthiest and highly favourable oil used for culinary purposes. This oil is extracted from small brown seeds called Sesame seeds which are widely grown in Africa and India. It contains numerous essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are vital for the prosperity of the human body. 

Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and has tons of health benefits. Cooking with sesame oil is normally practiced in most of the Asian countries like India, China, and Japan. It is also a fundamental ingredient in various Middle Eastern cuisines and continental dishes. Nowadays, top chefs all around the world are recommending sesame oil in daily culinary activities. It has polyunsaturated fat with omega 6 fatty acids which are really crucial for the heart and cells.
Sesame oil benefits are not only limited to culinary and exotic cuisines but also for distinct therapy an…