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World Thalassemia Day

Thalassemia is blood disorder that occurs due to deletion of major gene fragments that plays a key role in producing the haemoglobin. In some cases, a genetic mutation in the haemoglobin genes also causes this disorder. Haemoglobin is a molecule of a protein in the red blood cells. In this inherited disorder, the body produces an abnormal form of haemoglobin and it results in inadequate oxygen supply to the muscles. Usually, parents become the carriers of this genetic disorder. If both parents have this disorder, there are greater chances that the next generation will have a more serious form of this disease.

Types of Thalassemia: Based on the severity of this disorder, there are 3 main types of Thalassemia.
Thalassemia Minor -  People with this disorder don't actually have any symptoms. However, they act as the carriers of this disorder to next generation. With the lack of visibility of any symptoms, it is not possible to identify this disorder. It makes important for us to get tes…