Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Why Mother’s Health is Most Important in the Family

Mother plays a significant role in every family, who contributes physically, emotionally and mentally for providing a balanced and healthy life to the family. Because of the unparalleled love, care and support provided by mothers they are often called the ‘’backbone of the family’’. But it has been found while performing their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities (both at home and work place), they are left with no time for themselves. As a result, they start neglecting their own health and wellbeing, pay less heed to their eating habits and physical fitness regime which can lead to many health issues that most mothers suffer in their forties and fifties.
It is estimated that there is a direct relationship between family health, care and mothering practices. Mother’s health influences the family health directly. Thus it becomes imperative for the family members to reciprocate the same love and caring to the mother also. Children of the family should encourage their mother to go for regular health check-ups. Tests for BP, Diabetes (blood sugar test), Cholesterol (total and differential count including HDL, LDL and Triglycerides) should be conducted on a regular basis. Body mass index (BMI), based on person’s height and weight, to determine the healthy weight of the individual and waist circumference to measure abdominal fat should also be done.
Maintaining BP, blood sugar count and cholesterol count within normal limits is very important. High BP or Hypertension can be very harmful for the body and may lead to many serious cardiac disorders and can be fatal also. Diabetes makes the individual susceptible to many other health problems and reduces individual’s healing capacity also. High cholesterol can predispose to many severe health problems of which, Atherosclerosis is the most common. By making some healthy lifestyle changes indiet, daily routine activities alongside medicationwill help in keeping all these parameters under control.
The right balance of healthy diet and regular exercise can work miraculously and will help in maintaining the healthy weight, keeping bones strong and prevent many severe cardiac disorders. It has been found that women are more prone to osteoporosis than men after menopause. Thus high fibre, fat free, low sodium and calcium rich diet with all the essential nutrients in right proportion should be taken. Processed foods and beverages having Trans- fats and excessive sugar should be completely shunned. Below is the list of healthy foods to be eaten by every mother daily to stay healthy and keep the diseases at bay:
Green leafy vegetables: Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Oats: Rich in fibre.

 Green tea : Rich in antioxidants

 Flax seeds: High on fibre and reduces cholesterol as well.

 Brown rice and whole grain cereals: High fibre diet.

 Legumes: Rich in protein and fibre.

Low fat yogurt: Fibre rich and probiotic in nature.

Fresh fruits and vegetables.

After the age of 50 or even 40 it becomes crucial for the mothers to not neglect any signs of weakness, tiredness, constant headaches, irritability, sudden weight gain or weight loss. Women of the similar age also need to watch out for any sign of cervical and breast cancer, as their incidence are found to increase with age. Symptoms such as any lumps in breasts, pain or swelling(of breasts) or nipple discharge, require immediate advice from an experienced doctor. Thus it becomes imperative to go for routine mammography and pap smear test for early detection and treatment.
It would be best to make a protocol that includes going for regular check-ups, half yearly visit to a good gynaecologist beside shaving balanced and healthy diet and making a good exercise regime for staying healthy and staying stress free. Thus it is wise to take family health plans which ensures quality healthcare services  for the entire family and is economical as well.
The mother’s role is irreplaceable across all areas of family health .Thus it becomes equally important to take care of mother’s health both physically and emotionally to keep her stress free, healthy and happy.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Gamma Knife Surgery in India

Gamma knife surgery is a type of radiation therapy used in the treatment of brain tumours, vascular malformations and other abnormalities in brain or cervical spine. It is not a surgery as there is neither an incision (cut) given during therapy nor any kind of knife is involved in the procedure. Gamma knife radiation therapy is a precise form of therapeutic radiotherapy that uses several beams of highly focused gamma radiations that fuse to form an intense dose of radiation, meticulously focused on the lesion under treatment (only). There is minimum effect on the surrounding healthy tissue.

During gamma knife procedure a metal frame is secured around patient’s head, after which exact location of tumour is detected with the help of CT or MRI. A three-dimensional radiation treatment is then planned which aims to focus on the exact contours of the lesion. Almost 200 small gamma radiations are focused simultaneously at the target. Duration of the treatment can vary from few minutes to few hours depending on the type and area involved.


Minimally invasive as it does not involves cuts or opening of skull.

Safe and highly effective therefore very little chance of damage to surrounding or nearby healthy tissue.

Since it doesn’t require general anaesthesia (may be required in case of children) it eliminates the possibility of side effects related to general anaesthesia.

Highly indicated for patients in which conventional surgical techniques is of little help e.g., in elderly patient, who sometimes cannot take the stress of major surgery (because of some other medical condition or advancing age) and is also indicated in few hard to treat, inoperable lesions because of the location deep within the brain,which can limit the surgical approach.

No risk of infection, haemorrhage, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leak which may happen in conventional surgical intervention.

Painless hence very little discomfort.

Since it is done on outpatient basis, thus it doesn’t require lengthy post treatment hospital stay and also ensures faster recovery.Patient can also resume to routine activities usually within a day.

Cost effective and minimizes the rehabilitation cost.

Accurate and reliable.

Gamma knife procedure has become the most preferred treatment for brain tumours. It is performed in several leading hospitals across the globe. It has been in function for more than a decade and lakhs of patients have benefited from this treatment. It can be used alone, as an alternative to conventional surgery, may also be indicated post-surgery or whole brain radiation for treating any recurrences or residual tumour and can be used in conjunction with traditional surgery or other radiation therapy.
In today’s era, India has become the most coveted option for international patients who are looking for quality treatment, excellent services and hospitality at affordable price, due to which India is gaining immense popularity in field of medical tourism at global level. It is estimated that the cost of gamma knife surgery in India is almost half or less than half the cost of similar procedure in developed countries, which makes it highly advantageous for medical tourists. Many cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore , Pune ,Chennai( and many more) offer gamma knife radiosurgery  and the hospitals which cater this treatment are well equipped with state of the art facilities and highly skilled and experienced health care professionals who not only treat the patient’s disease with greatest care and professionalism but also makes them feel at home.

Medical tourism companies in India play a vital role in helping foreign patients travelling to India to seek medical treatment. From basic arrangements (that is, right from arranging medical visa, accommodation for patient and family, health meals as advised by the doctor, to and fro airport travel and vacation tour) to (provide)access to the best hospitals in the country. Ensure patient’s safety, care and maintain medical ethics to take care of patient’s needs. Indian government also provides incentives and guideline for information and knowledge of medical tourists and patients. Takes care of patient’s safety at greatest priority and ensures strict implementation of international health standards. Thus, India represents a cost-effective, safe, approachable and beneficial alternative than expensive medical treatment to foreign patients (at home) which makes it a most preferred medical destination well within reach of the patient.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Early Signs That Help You Spot Brain Hemorrhage

Brain hemorrhage are the most common and serious condition of brain. It is a kind of stroke and accounts for about 20% of people in India every year. This can cause emergency hospitalization of the person. 
What is Brain Hemorrhage?
Brain hemorrhage is a condition where there is a bleeding or rupture of the brain tissue or arteries in and around the brain. It is also called as cerebral bleed or Cerebral Hematoma. When there is an injury to the brain tissue or artery, swelling of the part arises and there is a collection of blood called as hematoma. This hematoma can rupture due to the increase in pressure or due to the repeated injury resulting in Brain hemorrhage. Finding the early signs help you spot brain hemorrhage which can help in saving the life of the patient and prevent the further complications.

Signs of brain hemorrhage
Signs of the hemorrhage helps in early diagnosis and in early treatment of the patient. The most common signs of brain bleed stroke are -
  • Severe sudden headache
  • Unclear or double vision
  • Sudden vomiting after the fall or injury
  • Dizziness or tired feeling
  • Loss of speech, loss of coordination, and loss of balance
  • Some people also become unconscious for few minutes soon after fall or injury
  • Loss of fine motor skills
  • Seizures of the body due to the injury to the brain may also occur.
These symptoms may also vary depending on the cause and severity of the injury to the brain cells. Any person with more than 2-3 symptoms has to be immediately evaluated for the further cause and further treatment.

Brain hemorrhage causes may be sudden or can depend on the person’s lifestyle.
  • Sudden causes are due to the head injury or fall or accidents of the person which may cause immediate rupture of the brain vessels and arteries.
  • The lifestyle causes include increased blood pressure, habits like excessive cigarette smoking and chronic drinking alcohol and uncontrolled diabetes.
  • There may also be some causes like rupture of aneurysm, severe migraine, amyloid angiopathy or brain infection with k serotype of Streptococcus mutans.

The brain hemorrhage treatment depends on the causation involved.
  • Most doctors follow the conservative line of treatment, they advise for correction of disorders by maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help in preventing the risk for the brain bleed stroke and also by quitting cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure levels.
  • Doctors also give education on monitoring the Hypertension and regulating the uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes mellitus by following a well-balanced diet and healthy moderate exercises which helps in decreasing the risks of brain hemorrhages.
  • In cases of other causes involved then IV fluids given for maintaining the fluid imbalance after the injury.
  • Anti-hypertensive drugs for hypertension cases.
  • Blood transfusions is followed in cases of severe loss of blood and components of blood.
  • Anticonvulsant medicines in cases of seizures.
  • Tracheal intubation in unconscious patients for the proper air way ventilation of the respiratory tract.
  • Surgery is opted in cases of larger hematoma of more than 3cm size. Endoscopic drainage or aspiration of the cerebral fluid can also be done by the specialized doctors.

Brain hemorrhage recovery of the patient depends on the area of the brain injured. When there is a injury to the medulla oblongata or to the brain stem then success rates of survival is very less. More than 35-50% cases die on the spot of injury or accident but in some cases of injury due to the lifestyle disorders then complete recovery is possible. But in some cases of injury to the other areas of the brain lead to the total or the partial paralysis of the body, loss of body functions, and loss of fine motor skills also seen in survival patients. They require physiotherapy for years to recover completely.
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