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Monday, 8 January 2018

How do you prepare yourself for Gamma Knife Surgery?

The Gamma Knife surgery is a non-invasive, advanced radiation therapy focused on small to medium-sized tumours located in the brain. Unlike as suggested in name the procedure does not include surgical incision but involves radiation therapy with single, many beams of high-intensity gamma radiation, targeted very precisely to destroy a tumour.

Basically, the Gamma Knife treatment includes six steps:

Applying the frame
Imaging studies
Treatment planning
Gamma Knife treatment

Since this is a non-invasive procedure, surgical risks are eliminated and can be performed in a day or two without hampering much of the daily activity. If you have been scheduled for a gamma surgery, you may feel apprehensive. You need not feel anxious as the preparation is quite simple and involve only a few steps.  

Preparation prior to the day of the therapy

The preparation starts, a day prior the scheduled gamma knife surgery. Depending on your medical findings, doctors may recommend certain medications which should be taken positively.  It is advised to fast for eight hours before the treatment. So, preferably don’t eat anything after midnight.  In case you witness any abnormal pain, immediately inform the doctor.

Wash your hair using shampoo and refrain from using any product other than shampoo. It is good to take adequate sleep, so try sleeping early.

Make sure you have a family member or a friend who can accompany you to the hospital, stay at the hospital during the entire treatment.  

Preparation on the day of treatment

The procedure usually takes a day and you will be discharged the next day. It is good to wear comfortable and relaxing clothes.  Remove all your accessories, contact lenses, hairpieces, dentures and avoid any makeup products. Make sure you reach the hospital within time. Before you change into the hospital gown it is best to empty your bladder.

Applying the Frame

The head is cleaned at the position where the stereotactic frame is placed.  The local anaesthetics are administered at the pinpoints of the frame to achieve numbness in these areas, following which the head frame is placed. A slight discomfort may be felt at the time of administration of anaesthesia and frame insertion but this will last only for a short duration. 

Imaging Studies

Subsequently, after frame attachment, imaging studies are performed to trace the exact location of a tumour.  The imaging tools may include computed tomography (CT) scan, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, or a cerebral angiogram. The images obtained from these are used by the team to plan the specialized treatment.

Treatment Planning

On completion of the imaging, you are allowed to relax and take rest for some time; meanwhile, the team works on the treatment plan.  

Gamma Knife Treatment

When the team is ready with the treatment plan, you will be assisted to the gamma knife area. The nurse will instruct you to lie down on the bed. In most of the patients, a blood pressure cuff, oxygen monitor and EKG monitor is connected to monitor vital signs.  A special helmet, known as collimator helmet, is fitted over the stereotactic frame. After making all the necessary arraignments for the initiation of the treatment, the team will leave the room. You will also be observed with a video monitor.


Upon completion of the therapy session, the stereotactic frame is removed and a sterile dressing is applied at the pin insertion points. You may have a headache or nausea after the treatment.  You can communicate with the nurse and get medicines. Most of the patients will be discharged the next day.  You can return to your normal activities, eat and drink as per your mood and choice.  

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Gamma Knife Surgery in India

Gamma knife surgery is a type of radiation therapy used in the treatment of brain tumours, vascular malformations and other abnormalities in brain or cervical spine. It is not a surgery as there is neither an incision (cut) given during therapy nor any kind of knife is involved in the procedure. Gamma knife radiation therapy is a precise form of therapeutic radiotherapy that uses several beams of highly focused gamma radiations that fuse to form an intense dose of radiation, meticulously focused on the lesion under treatment (only). There is minimum effect on the surrounding healthy tissue.

During gamma knife procedure a metal frame is secured around patient’s head, after which exact location of tumour is detected with the help of CT or MRI. A three-dimensional radiation treatment is then planned which aims to focus on the exact contours of the lesion. Almost 200 small gamma radiations are focused simultaneously at the target. Duration of the treatment can vary from few minutes to few hours depending on the type and area involved.


Minimally invasive as it does not involves cuts or opening of skull.

Safe and highly effective therefore very little chance of damage to surrounding or nearby healthy tissue.

Since it doesn’t require general anaesthesia (may be required in case of children) it eliminates the possibility of side effects related to general anaesthesia.

Highly indicated for patients in which conventional surgical techniques is of little help e.g., in elderly patient, who sometimes cannot take the stress of major surgery (because of some other medical condition or advancing age) and is also indicated in few hard to treat, inoperable lesions because of the location deep within the brain,which can limit the surgical approach.

No risk of infection, haemorrhage, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leak which may happen in conventional surgical intervention.

Painless hence very little discomfort.

Since it is done on outpatient basis, thus it doesn’t require lengthy post treatment hospital stay and also ensures faster recovery.Patient can also resume to routine activities usually within a day.

Cost effective and minimizes the rehabilitation cost.

Accurate and reliable.

Gamma knife procedure has become the most preferred treatment for brain tumours. It is performed in several leading hospitals across the globe. It has been in function for more than a decade and lakhs of patients have benefited from this treatment. It can be used alone, as an alternative to conventional surgery, may also be indicated post-surgery or whole brain radiation for treating any recurrences or residual tumour and can be used in conjunction with traditional surgery or other radiation therapy.
In today’s era, India has become the most coveted option for international patients who are looking for quality treatment, excellent services and hospitality at affordable price, due to which India is gaining immense popularity in field of medical tourism at global level. It is estimated that the cost of gamma knife surgery in India is almost half or less than half the cost of similar procedure in developed countries, which makes it highly advantageous for medical tourists. Many cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore , Pune ,Chennai( and many more) offer gamma knife radiosurgery  and the hospitals which cater this treatment are well equipped with state of the art facilities and highly skilled and experienced health care professionals who not only treat the patient’s disease with greatest care and professionalism but also makes them feel at home.

Medical tourism companies in India play a vital role in helping foreign patients travelling to India to seek medical treatment. From basic arrangements (that is, right from arranging medical visa, accommodation for patient and family, health meals as advised by the doctor, to and fro airport travel and vacation tour) to (provide)access to the best hospitals in the country. Ensure patient’s safety, care and maintain medical ethics to take care of patient’s needs. Indian government also provides incentives and guideline for information and knowledge of medical tourists and patients. Takes care of patient’s safety at greatest priority and ensures strict implementation of international health standards. Thus, India represents a cost-effective, safe, approachable and beneficial alternative than expensive medical treatment to foreign patients (at home) which makes it a most preferred medical destination well within reach of the patient.

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