Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Discover the Excellence of Indian Healthcare

India is becoming popular for the medical treatment because of the quality of the clinical outcomes, ex-ordinary skill set of the Indian doctors and the most important the cost of the treatment.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Confuting the Myths on Osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease which reduces the mass and density of the bone. This further leads to weakening of the bone, making them prone to low trauma fractures.Osteoporosis is accompanied by decreased functional impairment, pain and respiratory obstructions. Eventually it leads to decreased quality of life in older age. 

Bones in osteoporosis

It is important for all to remain acquainted with the true facts in order to maintain a good bone health and stay away from the potential risks of osteoporosis.

Here are some common myths or assumptions that prevent people from availing the right prevention and treatment strategies.

Men are safe from osteoporosis

Although the incidence is marginally more among females due to menopause, the assumption that osteoporosis is a feminist issue is not true. A Canadian study shows that 1 out of 8 men suffer from osteoporosis.Fractures due to osteoporosis are equally common in older men specially those above 50 years of age. The likelihood of developing osteoporosis among male is greater as compared to prostate cancer. 

Osteoporosis occurs only in old age

Osteoporosis can occur at any age. The serious complication of osteoporosis can be seen at old age when the natural healing process of the body slows down.While age is one of the established risk factor, the presence of any of the other risk factors, can induce osteoporosis irrespective of the age. 

Only medicines can help curing Osteoporosis

Although non-pharmacological treatment are most effective for managing the condition, one can also benefit from regular exercise sessions including muscle strengthening exercises, cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. Exercise is seen to improve the bone mineral density and produce a synergistic effect with the drug combination.

Calcium supplements are sufficient to prevent osteoporosis

While calcium is vital, other essential components like vitamin D, K, B6, B11, along with minerals are equally important for maintaining the bone health. Vitamin D is one of the key components as it helps the body to absorb calcium.

Osteoporosis is natural as we age

The prevalence of osteoporosis increases dramatically with age but in osteoporosis, bone loss is significantly higher as compared to normal aging process.The older people are at a greater risk for vitamin D insufficiency which may exaggerate their condition hence, it is very important to manage calcium and vitamin D deficiency in older people.  

Osteoporosis has a familial association

Genetics or family history definitely makes one more susceptible to osteoporosis, but there are many other factors for instance improper nutrition, hyperthyroidism, low levels of vitamin D, excessive smoking, alcohol consumption,sedentary lifestyle that can attribute to this condition.

There are indications or manifestations of the disease

Surprisingly, osteoporosis remains symptom less until the bones are extremely fragile to withstand minor fractures. People may not experience any sign throughout their 20s, 30s, and 40s when the disease may remain in a progressive stage. Hence, in order to detect osteoporosis at earlier stage, one should go for routine bone density tests.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

10 Common Pregnancy Risks Every Woman Should Know

Motherhood is a boon to women from the almighty which makes them a complete woman. God has chosen woman to bear and reproduce life thus proclaiming her as the power of evolution on earth for two prime reasons. First and foremost being her emotional characteristics to bear and give birth to a baby with love, care with warmth. Secondly, a woman’s patience to withstand the pain and difficulties bearing the baby for ten months sacrificing her comfort. So, a woman should always be respected in our society providing a safe environment though not comfortable living standards.

Giving birth to a new life is like a second birth for every mother. Many complications and risks are associated with pregnancy. A pregnant mother undergoes psychological and physiological complications. Hence due care and attention should be rendered from the first month until delivery.

Let us discuss few common pregnancy complications that may arise due to certain infections during pregnancy:
  • Ectopic Pregnancy –egg is fertilized outside the uterus in the fallopian tube which is a dangerous complication.This pregnancy complication occurs usually due to STD called as chlamydia, women who have undergone surgeries, or any other gynaecological disorders. Symptoms include severe pain, heavy bleeding, dizziness which needs immediate medical care.
  • RH negative disease –this disease is caused by a condition when certain protein that needs to be produced around red blood cells is absent. This impacts creation of antibodies due to which a pregnant mother becomes RH negative. So in such a situation if the baby happens to be RH positive, pregnancy complications arise during next pregnancy. This complications is handled by testing the mother and putting her under a medication called Rhogam for 28 weeks or after delivery if the baby happens to be RH positive.
  • Premature labour –a mother delivers premature babies when the delivery happens before the full term of 37 weeks. Severe cramps, back ache, stronger or longer contractions are some of the symptoms of preterm labour. A doctor gives relevant medications to control preterm labour thus saving the mother and baby.
  • Miscarriage –another common pregnancy complication that occurs at a very early stage of before 12 weeks of pregnancy. This complication arises due to chromosomal anomalies that prevents the fertilized egg for further development. Heavy bleeding occurs causing severe pain to the mother.
  • Gestational diabetes –this is special condition of diabetes unlike the regular diabetes. It occurs during pregnancy and can be controlled only through insulin and diet because it may lead to further complications and risks for mother and baby especially babies resulting in some birth anomalies.
  • Group B strep–a common infection that affects new born. This can be avoided by identifying the infection through a culture done during pregnancy.
  • Low birth weight – a common pregnancy complication due to poor nutrition of pregnant mothers which results in several birth complications such as congenital diseases etc.,
  • Preeclampsia –this occurs in pregnant mothers who have high blood pressure or abnormal proteins in urine, kidney. This will lead to serious life threatening situations for the mother. Hence early delivery is done which is even worse.
  • Low amniotic fluid – this condition is called as oligohydramnios when there is less fluid in the placenta that protects a baby’s growth. This condition should be treated to avoid further pregnancy complication.
  • Placenta Previa–the placenta lowers to the bottom of the uterus near the cervix during early stages of pregnancy that needs to be addressed by dragonising though ultrasound scan to avoid serious medical complications.

Pregnancy complications are not confined to the points discussed above. There are many more pregnancy complication which are not typical and varies with a person’s specific condition.Hence, a pregnant mother should be carefully monitored through monthly check- ups especially for managing high blood pressure that may cause serious pregnancy health problems and due care should be taken as it is a concern of two lives – mother and baby.

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Why Mother’s Health is Most Important in the Family

Mother plays a significant role in every family, who contributes physically, emotionally and mentally for providing a balanced and healthy life to the family. Because of the unparalleled love, care and support provided by mothers they are often called the ‘’backbone of the family’’. But it has been found while performing their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities (both at home and work place), they are left with no time for themselves. As a result, they start neglecting their own health and wellbeing, pay less heed to their eating habits and physical fitness regime which can lead to many health issues that most mothers suffer in their forties and fifties.
It is estimated that there is a direct relationship between family health, care and mothering practices. Mother’s health influences the family health directly. Thus it becomes imperative for the family members to reciprocate the same love and caring to the mother also. Children of the family should encourage their mother to go for regular health check-ups. Tests for BP, Diabetes (blood sugar test), Cholesterol (total and differential count including HDL, LDL and Triglycerides) should be conducted on a regular basis. Body mass index (BMI), based on person’s height and weight, to determine the healthy weight of the individual and waist circumference to measure abdominal fat should also be done.
Maintaining BP, blood sugar count and cholesterol count within normal limits is very important. High BP or Hypertension can be very harmful for the body and may lead to many serious cardiac disorders and can be fatal also. Diabetes makes the individual susceptible to many other health problems and reduces individual’s healing capacity also. High cholesterol can predispose to many severe health problems of which, Atherosclerosis is the most common. By making some healthy lifestyle changes indiet, daily routine activities alongside medicationwill help in keeping all these parameters under control.
The right balance of healthy diet and regular exercise can work miraculously and will help in maintaining the healthy weight, keeping bones strong and prevent many severe cardiac disorders. It has been found that women are more prone to osteoporosis than men after menopause. Thus high fibre, fat free, low sodium and calcium rich diet with all the essential nutrients in right proportion should be taken. Processed foods and beverages having Trans- fats and excessive sugar should be completely shunned. Below is the list of healthy foods to be eaten by every mother daily to stay healthy and keep the diseases at bay:
Green leafy vegetables: Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Oats: Rich in fibre.

 Green tea : Rich in antioxidants

 Flax seeds: High on fibre and reduces cholesterol as well.

 Brown rice and whole grain cereals: High fibre diet.

 Legumes: Rich in protein and fibre.

Low fat yogurt: Fibre rich and probiotic in nature.

Fresh fruits and vegetables.

After the age of 50 or even 40 it becomes crucial for the mothers to not neglect any signs of weakness, tiredness, constant headaches, irritability, sudden weight gain or weight loss. Women of the similar age also need to watch out for any sign of cervical and breast cancer, as their incidence are found to increase with age. Symptoms such as any lumps in breasts, pain or swelling(of breasts) or nipple discharge, require immediate advice from an experienced doctor. Thus it becomes imperative to go for routine mammography and pap smear test for early detection and treatment.
It would be best to make a protocol that includes going for regular check-ups, half yearly visit to a good gynaecologist beside shaving balanced and healthy diet and making a good exercise regime for staying healthy and staying stress free. Thus it is wise to take family health plans which ensures quality healthcare services  for the entire family and is economical as well.
The mother’s role is irreplaceable across all areas of family health .Thus it becomes equally important to take care of mother’s health both physically and emotionally to keep her stress free, healthy and happy.