Friday, 26 April 2013

Seven Tips that keep you Healthy.


We depend on the caregivers in everywhere including homes, schools, health care facilities, and elsewhere. Many times the classic profile of a dedicated caregiver is the person one who puts others before him/herself.

Here some tips that help you stay healthy while taking care of others.
  •  Make sure to schedule at least 15-30 minutes per day of private time. Utilize this time for grounding, meditating, meridian-tapping, soaking in a tub, de-stressing, or providing special self nurturing time, and is necessary if you want to stay in balance and health.
  •  At least seven hours take a good sleep at night everyday so that your body can be able to revitalize, digest completely, and nourish your cells. This is helpful to your metabolism, your attitude, and also will keep you from feeling hungry all day.
  •  If you can schedule 15-30 minutes per day for your exercise, this is optimal, and if not, then try to do some exercises while working. Take a long walk instead of taking car, bike. Use stairs rather than elevators. Walking will keep you healthy. While walking breathes deeply and if possible swing your arms - raising the opposite arm to the foot that is stepping out.
  •  Take care of your diet. The food which is good for your children, spouse, or patient may not be good for you. Try to balance each meal with 75% fruits and vegetables, and 25% meat, dairy, grains, nuts. Feed your body with what it needs.
  •  Combine your food with perfect ratio of nutrients: Protein + Vegetables / Starch + Vegetables / Fruit + Vegetables, and try not to use other combinations if possible. Through this you can get more energy and nutrients without expending all of that energy in the digestion process.
  •  If your inner voice is constantly judging or criticizing, then consciously turn down the volume and replace each negative with a positive. Look for good things to say to yourself and celebrate when you do something well.
  •  End your day by thinking or writing five or more things for which you are grateful. Make a statement such as: "I am grateful for ___ because ____.

Enjoy life with caring your health, if you ignore it will go away.

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