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Why one should choose India for Ayurvedic treatment?

‘Ayurveda’ is considered to be one of the world’s oldest consecrated healing systems. It is been practiced for about 5000 years in India. It is considered as the medicinal part of yoga. The main concept of Ayurveda is that the overall well being of a person depends on the fine balance of mind, body and willpower. It enhances the complete health of a person instead of battling for the disease. The main aim of Ayurveda is,
  •           To cure an ailment
  •          To prevent from a disease
  •          To attain prolonged existence or age reversal
      Notion of Ayurveda:
According to the presumption of Ayurveda, all belongings in the universe whether alive or not is associated to each other. Good physical condition is accomplished by unity of brain, body and willpower with the life.
A disruption of this harmony will lead to poor health and sickness. The things that causes disruption are,
       Birth or genetic deficiency
    Wounding of the body
    Changes in environment
     Benefits of having Ayurvedic treatment:
It is found to be effective for metabolic, tension related and persistent condition. It is also useful in easing the bad effects of surgery and also the side effects caused by chemotherapy. It is even used in rejuvenating whole body and enhancing beauty.

What is done in Ayurvedic treatment?
Ayurveda works to balance the human body’s energy which is called as ‘Doshas’. It is attained by diet, different types of massage, use of herbal liquid onto the body and also herbal leaves and powders. First, you will be evaluated by the Ayurvedic doctor and special treatment method will be customized based on your problem and the root cause will be solved. It will take about few weeks to finish the full treatment. But simple body revitalization treatment such as massage, spa can be done.

Best period to get Ayurvedic treatment in India:
During the rainy season, which starts from June to September is ideal to get Ayurvedic treatment because the climate is fresh, wet and dust free. Also it facilitates the body’s pores to open up which makes the herbal oil and massage to penetrate deep inside the body giving out superior results.

Places where Ayurvedic treatment is offered in India:
The places that offer Ayurvedic treatment are mostly located in southern part of India, mainly Kerala. The main reason is due to the climatic conditions and abundant supply of therapeutic plants and herbs which makes them most suitable for Ayurvedic treatment.

Also few centers are located in Goa and Karnataka. The treatment is available at Ayurvedic hospitals, resorts, wellness hubs and also in five star hotels hotel. An inventive option is to book a boat house which caters the ayurvedic treatment and explore the beauty of backwaters in Kerala. Ayurvedic resorts have become well-liked destination for people all over the world which makes them feel relaxed and rejuvenated and it is the key reason to choose India. As India is the birth place of Ayurveda, many people desire to come here and number of resorts according to their affordability is available. Many Ayurvedic hospitals are situated here which cures many serious health problems.

Price for Ayurvedic treatment:
At an Ayurvedic Hospital, the cost for the treatment will range from $1000 - $1500 which excludes accommodation charges. The minimum charge in the resorts will be about $60 - $150 / day. Packages are available that ranges from $1500 to $1800 for two people with seven days stay.

Best Places that offer Ayurvedic Treatment in India:
Ayurvedic treatment offered at India is two main kinds, common rejuvenation treatment which is catered to travelers who visits those area and concentrated medical treatment given by particular centers in certain location which has suitable climate. Resorts are appropriate to receive an indulging massage and to have an overall feel of Ayurveda. But people who seek proper ayurvedic treatment for their medical problems should visit good ayurvedic hospital.

The Kerala tourism has graded the Ayurvedic Institution, like ‘Green leaf’ and ‘Olive leaf’ to ensure the quality service provided. The centers which have five star amenities are graded as ‘Green leaf’ and those which has three star amenities are graded as ‘Olive leaf’. It is ranked to ensure the reliability of service providers and the excellence.

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